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Who are we?

Eric Scott and David Moore

We grew up in the Phoenix's Northwest Valley with our back yards across from each other.  Eric had a huge yard for all kinds of sports and David had the pool.  We became friends by simply crossing the alley behind our homes and playing (and some times misbehaving) in each others yards. 

Over the years we attended the same Elementary, High School and even College.  We were honored to serve as the best man in each other's weddings, and have enjoyed watching each other become parents.  Ultimate Yards is a byproduct of a friendship that spans over 30 years.  It is our hope that as we help you create your Ultimate yard it will lead you and your families to the blessings of friendship we have enjoyed.

Eric and David

Eric is our project manager.  He is steady, reliable, experienced and hard working.

David is our business manager.  He is innovative and entrepreneurial.